Mel Synder
Lehigh University

Lehigh University

Mel's Angel

"Mel' Angel"


Lehigh University:

Bachelor of Arts degree, English/Journalism major

NYU, New School for Social Research:

Postgraduate/non-credit courses in public relations, communications.

Studied conversational Japanese:

with private tutor (1993-1994), refined college Spanish on multiple trips to Mexico.

Professional Associations

American College of Nuclear Medicine:

Member, Education Committee, 1998-2001. Maintain nuclear medicine society contact despite no current commercial involvement.

Society of Nuclear Medicine:

First joined in 1978; ran categorical seminars at national meetings; currently inactive.

Endocrine Society:

Rejoined 2004 to reconnect with endocrinologists who will be needed for Opterone launch.

American Society for Parenteral & Enteral Nutrition (ASPEN):

Founding member, currently inactive.

European Society for Sexuality & Impotence Research (ESSIR):

9/30/01: Presented paper, "Tolerance of TOPIGLAN®, Topical Treatment for ED, During Vaginal Intercourse" to worldwide peer physician audience.

Healthcare Marketing Council (formerly Pharmaceutical Advertising Council):

Ran morning seminar on hospital drug marketing under DRGs. Currently inactive.


Single parent of two children:

(daughter, 19, college sophomore; son, 16, high school junior)

2005 recipient of the "Asset Builder for Old Saybrook (CT) Youth" citation:

for having been "a positive role model, making significant contributions to our community..."

Jewish Big Brothers of Massachusetts:

Former "Big Brother"


Sailor on an Ericson 38, and an avid digital photographer